Supporter profile: David Morgan

From the age of 17, David Morgan would preach regularly at local churches in the Swansea area. Now, at the age of 73, he continues to use his talents and preach in local churches as a way to fundraise for Viva.

David is one of Viva’s longest-standing supporters, beginning his relationship with us back in 1997, but even though David has been speaking at churches from a young age, he has never pastored a congregation himself.

During a time when his home church, Mumbles Baptist Church, was without a pastor, he took it upon himself to find someone to fill the pulpit or to speak himself. In the early days, when Viva was struggling to find a board chair, he stepped in until we could find a suitable replacement. As a businessman, he likes to find a solution or be the solution.

He’s a kick-starter by nature and a firm believer that you should replace yourself while you’re still active.
When we asked what made him want to partner with Viva, he admitted that he was attracted to the charity from a business standpoint – for someone looking to achieve more with their money, Viva’s model is a very cost-effective choice.

As of January 2022, he has officially retired from leadership roles in his church and is back to being a regular church member again – although this hasn’t stopped him from continuing his speaking engagements at the 10+ churches that invite him to share something about Viva throughout the year.

We’re hugely grateful to David and his wife Karen (pictured) for their faithful support.