Why it works

Viva catalyses systemic change in the care and protection of vulnerable children by building and supporting locally-led partner networks of churches and organisations to lead holistic child development programmes in their communities.

For churches and faith-based organisations

Viva’s theory of change asserts that if local churches and organisations are connected and equipped to change the lives of children, their collective social action will create whole cities where children are safe, well, and able to fulfill their potential.

Our work maximises communities’ capacity to respond to their children’s unique challenges by organizing established and trusted churches and organisations into networks of approximately 100 collaborative partners.

While local churches and organisations are often at the forefront of efforts to protect and provide for children, their activities are often isolated, limiting both scope and effectiveness. Viva simply helps churches to help each other help vulnerable children.

For children

When children overcome the barriers of violence and exclusion and are supported to be safe, thriving and learning, they have the opportunity to fulfil their potential, and can choose to make a difference in the world for others.

When all children have access to a fair and positive start in life, the root causes of many issues that appear in later life can be halted and society transformed, and God’s kingdom values realised.

Viva’s innovative approach
validated by independent research

Viva’s strategic, catalytic and grassroots model has been externally validated by the Sagamore Institute for Public Policy and proven to have a multiplier effect.

This means wherever we work, Viva delivers bigger, better, longer-lasting work for vulnerable children, that enables a louder voice on their behalf in their cities.