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“You cannot have your cake and eat it”

It all started like a fairy tale in a faraway land. China seemed to be so remotely connected to Uganda. However, intrigued by this story I listened to BBC every morning as I drove to work. This unfolding story seemed to be gaining momentum and numbers. It then sounded like the proximity of COVID-19 to …

Safeguarding Children From Afar during a Pandemic

Local churches in some of the poorest cities around the world are on the frontline of the pandemic in the Global South. Coming together in pioneering, city-wide networks, they are reaching increasingly vulnerable children and families – despite being socially distant.

New Beginnings and Fresh Starts

BY VICTORIA PRICE Health educators through Viva’s partner network, CRANE, in Uganda, are being equipped with life-saving knowledge on maternal and child health, which they are passing on to local communities through their peer-to-peer activities. Eighteen peer educators in two districts in Kampala have now reached over 1,000 parents and their children. With increased maternal …

Encouraging Learning for Deaf Children

BY VICTORIA PRICE A new textbook has been launched by Viva’s partner network CRANE in Uganda, which creates brand new learning opportunities for deaf primary school-aged students in Kampala, through the creative use of pictures, videos and sign language tools. According to UNICEF, approximately 2.5 million children in Uganda live with some form of disability, …

App Calls Out Abuse

BY JAIME TERCERO A brand new mobile app has been launched by our partner network Red Viva Nicaragua allowing users to report instances of abuse or bullying to local authorities anonymously, writes Jaime Tercero. Six out of ten children in Nicaragua have experienced domestic violence at home and 75 per cent reported witnessing violence at …

The Lifeline of Peer Education

BY VICTORIA PRICE Peer educators trained by our partner network CRANE in Uganda, are repeatedly reporting the on-going horrors of still births and malnourishment of babies as a direct result of the lack of basic maternal education among women in slum areas. In spite of the change witnessed within the lives they have touched since …

Hygiene training protects Nepali communities

The Nepal earthquake almost three years ago left thousands living in temporary shelter. Community rehabilitation is a continual process, which carries on long after global media attention has faded away. CarNet Nepal (Viva’s Partner Network in Nepal) has been working on a central tenant of rehabilitation and ongoing community health effort: training in hygiene care. …

Global Goals Week: Summary

I hope you’ve enjoyed our blog series for #GlobalGoals week and been inspired by the diverse work of Viva and our partner networks.

Global Goals Week: Ensure healthy lives and promote well-being

Ensure healthy lives and promote well-being at all ages. This is number three of seventeen UN Sustainable Development Goals launched by the UN last year. Perhaps it is unsurprising that this goal strikes a chord with Viva’s vision to see children grow up ‘safe, well and fulfilling their God-given potential’.  

HIV/Aids hope for Harare

In a study done in 2014, HIV and AIDS came up as the most threatening thing to families in Zimbabwe.