Meet Iman

Find out more about Iman Murtonen Zadock, Co-ordinator of Mwanza Children Action Network (MCAN), Viva’s partner network in Tanzania.

What is your background?
I’ve been passionate about defending people’s rights since I was a child. Since my father was a pastor, many people, including my parents, believed that there was a calling in me to become a pastor too. They prayed for me diligently. I found a complete and clear direction whilst at school and was inspired to undertake a Bachelors Degree of Science in Social Protection at the Institute of Finance Management in Dar es Salaam. Here my dream was sharpened to help me to serve vulnerable groups of people within the community.

How did you get interested in working for MCAN?
Through Pastor Frederick Eliakim, chairperson of the steering committee at the time. After getting to know MCAN and how it works in collaboration with Viva, I realised my career goals were aligned with their vision and mission. I have been creating change for the wellbeing of children in Mwanza for the past five years.

What is your role?
To co-ordinate the activities of MCAN members and link us with Viva. I am responsible for MCAN members to be empowered with skills and knowledge and to provide information about ongoing events.

How does partnering with Viva benefit MCAN’s members?
They receive support to improve their standards of work with children. For example, through this partnership, Viva has sponsored Quality Improvement System (QIS) training for members. This is aimed at developing the capacity of members to be able to improve their child protection concepts, financial systems and governance structure. Watch a video where I talk more about QIS at:

What is MCAN’s current emphasis?
There has been an increase in various forms of violence against children and therefore our current emphasis as MCAN is to build our members ability to fight against this.

What is your hope for the network?
That, in the near future, MCAN will successfully bring all Christian churches together to form a strong, united team to respond to children’s needs within our city.

Interview by Annah Tusiime, Viva Africa Communications Officer