We are an international charity dedicated to changing more children's lives to fulfil their God-given potential

We build and support networks that unite grassroots churches and organisations to support children

What we do

Our work alleviates the adverse conditions many children face, providing them with new opportunities and bringing hope to situations of fear

Why we are hopeful

Why it works

Viva’s strategy is to build collaborative, grassroots, locally-led networks that engage multiple organisations in pursuit of a common mission

How we are effective

Where we work

Viva works with partner organisations in 66 cities across 28 countries through Latin America, Africa, Asia, Europe and North America

Where we make an impact

Webinar series 2023

We are co-hosting a special six-part webinar series that will unpack themes from the God’s Heart for Children book, and equip us all in our calling and ministry with or for children.

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Who is Viva?

A short introductory video explaining who Viva is and in the ways in which we are changing more children’s lives to fulfil their God-given potential across the world.

Any children referred to have had their names and photos changed in accordance with our Child Protection Policy. Registered charity no 1053389 (England) | Employer identification number 84-1541857 (US) | Registered charity with company no 1657942 (Hong Kong)