Our Impact

In 2023…


of Viva partner networks recorded growth in their network member sizes


capacity-building activities were run globally for churches and organisations


of Viva partner networks ran at least one collective action programme


partner networks were involved with influencing laws and policies (up from 15 in 2021-22).

Stories of changed children’s lives

Jenny is safe now

When one of our partner networks in Central America met Jenny for the first time, she had many fears and insecurities, and was often angry.

She was neglected in her home. Her mother did not take care of her or give her any attention. She was abused physically and verbally. The authorities took Jenny away from this situation and into an orphanage. Viva’s partner network gave Jenny psychological care, trauma healing and basic supplies. We also worked with the government to put her in a weekend foster family. Now, every weekend, Jenny is excited to go to her foster parents’ home. She enjoys a safe space, and her security, self-esteem and confidence have all improved. She feels loved! Recently. Jenny turned 12 years old, and we celebrated her birthday for the first time.

We work together to ensure that children are safe. This means that children are protected from violence and abuse and harmful exploitation, and that they can access their rights and that city authorities safeguard children and promote child well-being and development.

Kajal is thriving now

Flourish aims to break the generational cycle of underachievement and low self-esteem for girls in India.

As a life skills course for teenagers, it promotes healthy and safe lifestyles and resilience, and prepares young people for life as valued members of their communities. Its impact will be seen for years to come as girls continue their studies, are not forced into child marriage and know how to say no to exploitation and abuse. Kajal (15) says, “I have learned so much about dealing with peer pressure and improving my self-esteem; about setting goals and having a purpose in life. If I feel unsafe, I know now how to report a problem, follow a process and get to a safety zone. I know now I can make a difference where I live.”

We work together to ensure that children are thriving emotionally and socially. This means that children are resilient, self-confident, and well-educated for life, and that families provide care and support for their children.

Santosh is learning now

Santosh is 10. He lives with his father, grandmother and younger sister, while his mother and two elder sisters are away working in the capital city, Kathmandu, in Nepal.

Santosh has no mattress on his bed, very little food in his kitchen and has poor hygiene. He dropped out of school because he was bullied about his living conditions. Last year, Viva’s partner network in Nepal enrolled Santosh in its Learning Space and has helped him to be readmitted to school. Initially, Santosh had difficulty with reading and writing. He did not even know to hold a pencil properly. Now he regularly attends class both in the Learning Space and at school. He has made a significant improvement in his studies and with his personal hygiene as well.

We We work together to ensure that children are improving their learning. This means that children access quality early childhood and catch-up education and have improved learning outcomes in literacy and numeracy.

Life Impact Report

The Viva Annual Review 2023 highlights how we connect and build the capacity of churches and organisations to collectively change children’s lives through joint action programmes and increased city-wide influence.

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Independent Report (Sagamore)

Viva’s strategic, catalytic and grassroots model has been externally validated by the Sagamore Institute for Public Policy and proven to have a multiplier effect.

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