Financial reports


for April 2022 – March 2023


CHILDREN reached
by Viva’s Partner Networks in 2022


for all Viva’s Partner Networks in 2021
viva’s global INCOME

Viva’s income for 2022-23 was £2,229,000

Most of Viva’s general income comes from individual people, churches and foundations. As you will see from the pie chart, we also have a significant contract with the UK Government that is specifically for a Girls’ Education programme in Kampala, Uganda.

viva’s global expenditure

Viva’s spending in 2022-23 was £2,741,000

We work hard to ensure that the highest possible amount of the money we raise goes directly to our programmes that help vulnerable children.

Our Annual Review 2023 

The Viva Annual Review 2023 highlights how we connect and build the capacity of churches and organisations to collectively change children’s lives through joint action programmes and increased city-wide influence. There are also statistics about our impact and financial headlines.

Read our 2023 Annual Review

Alternatively you can download it, as well as a version of the annual report and full audited accounts, by clicking the links below, where you will also find previous years’ documents.

Our Key Monitoring Report

Each year we engage with a in depth report on the activities, succcesses and health of each of our partner networks. This allows us to plan our work for the coming year, see trends and compile global statistics. This report is written for a technical audience but includes more details on the number of children reached and the income of our partner networks.


Annual Reviews

These are our annual reports on all of our activities. They include a summary of our finances, but not the detailed figures – see the audited accounts for that detail.

Annual Review 2023 (UK)

Annual Review 2023 (Hong Kong)

Annual Review 2023 (US)

Annual Review 2022 (UK)

Annual Review 2022 (Hong Kong)

Annual Review 2022 (US)

Annual Review 2021 (UK)

Annual Review 2019 (UK)

Annual Review 2019 (US)

Annual Review 2019 (Hong Kong)

Annual Review 2018 (UK)

Annual Review 2018 (US)

Annual Review 2018 (Hong Kong)

Annual Review 2016

Annual Review 2015

Annual Review 2014

Audited Accounts

These are the consolidated audited accounts for Viva’s international work in UK, US, Hong Kong and Uganda 

Audited Accounts 2022-23

Audited Accounts 2021-22

Audited Accounts 2020-21

Audited Accounts 2019-20

Audited Accounts 2018-19

Audited Accounts 2017-18

Audited Accounts 2016-17

Audited Accounts 2015-16

Audited Accounts 2014-15

Audited Accounts 2013-14

Audited Accounts 2012-13

Audited Accounts 2011-12

US 990 Forms

These are Viva’s annual federal returns to the US Government

990 for 2019

990 for 2018

990 for 2017

990 for 2016

990 for 2015

990 for 2014

990 for 2013

990 for 2011

Hong Kong Audited Accounts

These are the audited accounts for Viva in Hong Kong

Hong Kong Audited Accounts 2021-22

Hong Kong Audited Accounts 2019-20

Hong Kong Audited Accounts 2014-15

Hong Kong Audited Accounts 2013-14

Hong Kong Audited Accounts 2012-13

Giving you confidence

We are registered with the Fundraising Regulator and Charity Commission in the UK, the IRS in the US and the IRD in Hong Kong. Our accounts are audited annually by Godfrey Wilson.

We are committed to transparency with and accountability to all the people, projects, supporters and stakeholders with whom we work. If you require any further information please contact us