World Weekend of Prayer – 2023 Report


Get ready for 1st -2nd June 2024

God's world: our home World Weekend of Prayer 2023

1.    The purpose of the World Weekend of Prayer

  1. Improve the lives of children through GLOBALLY UNITED prayer to God
  2. Facilitate children praying for children: surely God loves children praying; (Jesus said, “Truly, I say to you, unless you turn and become like children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven.” Mt 18:3)
  3. Put children out at the front to lead; (Through the praise of children and infants you have established a stronghold against your enemies, Psalm 8:2),
  4. To draw more churches into our networks.

2.  Everyone loved the 2023 theme: God’s world – our home

Activities embraced and expanded the resources with imagination, e.g.:

  • Daily or weekly messages in social media, WhatsApp etc in the month prior
  • Devotional and study groups using the materials
  • Prayer walks
  • Cleaning up public parks
  • Agro-ecological activities
  • Slots in public radio and online radio
  • Shadow art to illustrate God’s creation
  • Live online exchange between children in different countries
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3.  It’s a very big world wide event!

  • 34 countries (some where Viva not directly present yet)
  • 45 city networks of churches
  • About 4,300 churches and organisations involved
  • More than 600 were not yet network members
  • 625,000 adults and children participated
  • Includes 350,000 children and young people

Picture gallery Appendix I – photos Latin America YouTube report –subtitled

4.  All the resources made available centrally are well used

  • Prayer resource guide (translated 13 languages)
  • Song especially composed: ‘It’s perfect all that he has made.’
  • Creation Powerpoint for use in talks
  • Video clips
  • Preparation prayer and Bible study resources for before the event
  • WWP Zambia 2023

5.  It’s all about lives transformed through prayer

At first Merciya became nervous because of the crowd but later after seeing so many children of her age and other children leading and performing on stage, she felt confident to deliver her part in the programme. Seeing her confident and graceful deliverance, Merciya’s mother, Mary, felt so happy and proud of her. Ms. Mary shared how in the community she lives; children are not given priority. Nepal

More stories Appendix II

6.  Planning and preparing for 2024 (1-2 June)

In many countries follow up meetings after the 2023 event have taken place.  Please propose any new ideas to the centre. We will be starting global planning meetings in November