World Weekend of Prayer: 7-8 June 2025


World weekend of Prayer 2025

The World Weekend of Prayer for vulnerable children unites hundreds of thousands of children and adults across the world in prayer. Thank you for participating in 2024. Please send us feedback on how your event went in this short form. (If you prefer, you can fill it in offline; here is the form to download.)

2024 Bible anchor.

The Viva World Weekend of Prayer is all about children, especially getting children to pray for children.

The theme for 2024 was ‘Light of the World,‘ from verse 5 in John 9 when Jesus says, “While I am in the world, I am the light of the world.”

The Bible anchor was the whole of John 9, in which the healing of the blind man is recorded

2024 Resources.

The main prayer resource document offered four themes from the story of John 9 with activities, a memory verse and application questions to open up a time for children to lead others in prayer. Included are testimonies from the 2023 weekend. Download English version. | Amharic | Arabic | Bengali (hand written) | Brazil – Portuguese | Filipino | Finnish | Français | German Deutsch | Italiano | Kirundi | Mongolia | Oromo | Portuguese | Romanian | Shona | Slovak | Spanish version. | Swahili |

WWP2024 Main resource document v3 ENGLISH

2024 – 28 days of preparation from May 4th. Use these short 30s video clips to reflect on a Bible verse from John 9 and pray. English version YouTube Playlist. Spanish version YouTube Playlist. Please share in your local WhatsApp groups and your other social media groups.

2024 Animations of John 9 story: in English; in Spanish. 2024 Drama video of the Bible Story from Germany with English subtitles. 2024 Powerpoint presentation to adapt for your local circumstances: English version; Spanish version.

2024 Song: YouTube of a specially composed children’s song ‘Now I see’ is available. Spanish version. English UK version. English-Africa (Uganda). Here is the music score in English. There are two versions to choose from: version 1; version 2.

National websites – local resources:

  1. ETHIOPIA Sharon Children Service Facebook page. They have made 3 versions of the song in Amharic, Oromo and Tigrian.
  3. GERMANY Für weitere kreative Bausteine zum Weltkindergebetstag  2024 (wie z.B. Videoclips, konkrete Gebetsanliegen etc) könnt ihr euch hier den Materialkoffer Weltkindergebetstag 24 der Allianz-Mission downloaden.

Report from the 2023 World Weekend of Prayer. Download ENGLISH or SPANISH version.

Picture gallery Appendix I – photos

Latin America YouTube report –subtitled

Children in Zambia at the World Weekend of Prayer 2023
Children in Zambia at the World Weekend of Prayer 2023