Our model


Over the past 20 years, Viva has helped pioneer and refine a collaborative approach that is being increasingly explored throughout the development sector.

We have significant experience, across many locations, of building locally-led networks of churches and organisations that deliver collective-action programmes designed to tackle the root causes of problems affecting children. This joined-up approach delivers a level of scale and reach that would not be possible for a single organisation.

To develop a network involves four key phases:

Phase 1:  Forming and establishing a network with a clear purpose that can deliver quick-win joint actions.

Phase 2:  Developing the network’s ability to deliver collaborative programmes whilst building capacity to strengthen it’s effectiveness.

Phase 3:  Delivering ‘solution’ programmes through a sustainable network – demonstrating significant impact for children with the network growing in  influence and reputation.

Phase 4:  Engaging with other larger agencies, businesses, city and government authorities in consortium opportunities with a shared city-wide strategy for children across all sectors and accessing new funding streams.

Read about our four ‘building blocks’, Connecting, Capacity-Building, Collective Acton and City-wide Influence for a holistic approach on our Learn Website.

Click here to download our network model booklet, ‘Together for children’.