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From shattered glass to a flying bird

BY EMMA STONEHOUSE A simple green bag is having a huge impact on the lives of children in the suburbs of Harare, Zimbabwe. Our partner Viva Network Zimbabwe (VNZ) works in areas of the city with high levels of poverty and abuse and homelessness, and with children who have been orphaned. The network believes that …

“Talking to God with friends gives us hope”

BY EMMA STONEHOUSE “Talking to God with friends gives us hope.” This is what a group of teenage mothers in Brazil said about the value of being part of Viva’s movement of prayer for children in early June. They were among more than one million people from across the globe who joined together in the …

Wrestling in prayer

BY VICTORIA PRICE Right now it feels particularly easy to be overwhelmed and stunned by the pain and darkness that the world – and too often children – seem to face in new forms every day. News headlines such as those reporting children ripped from their parents at borders, and girls exploited by those sent …

Innovation at home and abroad

Viva is blessed with so many dedicated and creative supporters. This year, Patsy (a longstanding Viva enthusiast who was a Trustee for a number of years) had the vision to set up a pop-up second hand fashion boutique called Fashion with Compassion to raise money for a particular project in Zimbabwe – all about greenhouses!

Global Goals Week: Summary

I hope you’ve enjoyed our blog series for #GlobalGoals week and been inspired by the diverse work of Viva and our partner networks.

Global Goals Week: Ensure healthy lives and promote well-being

Ensure healthy lives and promote well-being at all ages. This is number three of seventeen UN Sustainable Development Goals launched by the UN last year. Perhaps it is unsurprising that this goal strikes a chord with Viva’s vision to see children grow up ‘safe, well and fulfilling their God-given potential’.  

HIV/Aids hope for Harare

In a study done in 2014, HIV and AIDS came up as the most threatening thing to families in Zimbabwe.

Children should be seen and heard

How Viva is training children in Uganda and Zimbabwe to be change-makers.

A firm foundation for Harare’s carers

Against a backdrop of relentless poverty for most of the population, and with a ‘drought disaster’ recently declared in rural areas, Viva Network Zimbabwe (VNZ) is increasingly recognising the need to provide quality, lasting support for those who care for children.