Tag: putting children in the centre

Children should be seen and heard

How Viva is training children in Uganda and Zimbabwe to be change-makers.

Loved, valued and respected

A youth advocacy campaign in the Philippines is helping thousands of children to stand up to sexual abuse at the hands of adults. Ellie Cameron shares Debbie’s story.

You’re not alone

A collaborative approach to working with children is hugely valuable for both young people and youth workers. Hannah Woods explains why she’s excited by being a part of Viva’s Doorsteps initiative in Oxfordshire.

Five ways to treat children well

With so much conflicting advice about how to look after children and increasingly alarming statistics about unhappy young people, how can we focus on simple but effective steps to treat them better?

Guiding a child on their worship journey

There is a view by some that adult worship is more genuine, real or important than children’s worship – but I really don’t think that’s the case.