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Beauty for ashes

Named after an inspirational women’s leader from the past, a slum in the Indian city of Patna is home today to a new band of girls who are being empowered by Viva to change their futures, as Fran Hall writes. Dalit Noun: A member of the lowest caste in the traditional Indian caste system. Literal …

Revisiting the Christmas Match Appeal 2015: Make home a safer place for children

Thank you so much to all who gave to our Match Appeal last Christmas! Ten months on, we wanted to share one way in which Viva has been tackling the issue of domestic violence and abuse in Central America.

Delhi reflections: Balloon Girl

I spotted the colours first. A red, a green, a yellow: illuminating the darkness of early evening. Balloons! Being held by a girl no older than my own daughters… Sitting in the back of a cab, heading back to my hotel after an exhilarating few hours in Old Delhi, I spotted this Balloon Girl whilst …

Baking to help girls go back to school

Hello, I’m Marnie & I’m 9, I have a sister called Brooke who is 5. We want to tell you about our cake sale this September: Last year Mum & I baked to raise money for Viva’s GEC project and my church loved it. I remember a certain person who asked “when are you going …

Global Goals Week: Summary

I hope you’ve enjoyed our blog series for #GlobalGoals week and been inspired by the diverse work of Viva and our partner networks.

Global Goals Week: Gender Equality

Goal 5 of the Sustainable Development Goals focuses on Gender Equality. Gender norms and practices continue to hinder opportunities for women and girls worldwide. The targets under this goal go far deeper than the Millennium Development Goal (MGD) equivalent. In 2000, Goal 3 of the MDGs was to ‘Promote gender equality and empower women’. This …

Global Goals Week: Quality Education

Goal 4 of the Sustainable Development Goals aims to ensure that, by 2030, all girls and boys complete quality primary and secondary education, and have free and equal access to educational opportunities.