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Small steps towards big dreams

BY HANNAH BARR Nine young people have completed the first Find Your Fire programme with a great celebration on a hot summer’s day in Oxford. Find Your Fire is a new ten-month leadership development programme for 14-19 year-olds in Oxford aimed at building awareness of positive life choices, giving young people the chance at an …

Four tips to encourage your church to work with others

Services for vulnerable families in the UK are being squeezed at a time of unprecedented demand. Churches are particularly well placed to offer meaningful support but there are, of course, significant barriers to growing this work, such as lack of volunteers, finances and in-depth understanding. Both the scale of need in the community and the …

Doorsteps partnership growing in Oxford

  Viva has hosted an informal evening in Oxford to share the good news about our growing network of local churches and organisations that are empowering disadvantaged young people. It’s almost three years since the formation of Doorsteps, which began with a research project to identify the needs for children and families, find the gaps …

Conference sows seeds for future families’ work in Oxfordshire

As several council-run children’s and families services in Oxfordshire face cuts, more than 100 people attended a conference last Saturday (5 November) to pledge to work together more effectively to meet the needs of vulnerable people in their communities.

Oxfordshire churches to fill void left by Council cuts

Oxfordshire churches and Christian organisations want to fill the gaping void left by the County Council’s decision to shut children’s centres across the region.

The vision: a home for good for every child

Every day more than 50 children need to be taken into care in the UK. They are likely to have come from chaotic, neglectful, abusive or desperate situations and will have suffered trauma. Some will need a home for a few nights, some for a few years, and some will need a permanent home for …

Churches’ crucial role in supporting local families

‘Father to the fatherless, defender of widows, this is God, whose dwelling is holy. He places the lonely in families.’ (Psalm 68: 5-6a, NLT) This scripture perfectly sums up what our growing Oxford-based network Doorsteps is all about.  This action is needed now more than ever in Oxfordshire as the County Council is closing 44 …

Inspiring Oxford’s young people to find their fire

Teenagers in east Oxford are being empowered to support their peers through an exciting new programme co-ordinated by Viva’s Doorsteps network, in partnership with the City Council, churches and local community groups.

You’re not alone

A collaborative approach to working with children is hugely valuable for both young people and youth workers. Hannah Woods explains why she’s excited by being a part of Viva’s Doorsteps initiative in Oxfordshire.

Twelve months in the life of Viva’s CEO

Ever wondered what our Chief Executive’s annual schedule looks like? Mark Stavers delves into his diary.