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Top tips: how to support young people in your church

Picture the scene. A large family meal is taking place, but there are two tables. At one sit all the adults, engaged in conversation and eating politely. At the other table sit the children, complete with plastic crockery, food spilled everywhere in a scene not entirely unlike the Lord of the Flies. Sound familiar? Now …

Christmas in June: that’s magic!

An Oxfordshire church has raised nearly £1,000 for Viva Christmas Parties by holding an evening that included a combination of magic, comedy, curry and a bit of ukulele. More than 100 people attended the event put on by Grove Free Evangelical Church, who likes to get into the festive spirit earlier than most! Fiona Massie …

Holistic care for children in Bolivia

  BY ANDREW DUBOCK Vulnerable children living in the 3,000-metre-high, mining city of Oruro are receiving more care and support from local Christians, thanks to the support of Viva’s partner network. Light of the World Church in Oruro, central Bolivia, has been active in the city for about 40 years, growing slowly in membership. However …

Kampala discussion focuses on families for children

More than 40 senior leaders in Kampala joined Viva and its partner network CRANE at a landmark meeting last month, which explored how Christians in government and civil society can work together more effectively to ensure that children in Uganda are raised in safe families. Using the vision statement, ‘We want to see every child …

Delhi reflections: Balloon Girl

I spotted the colours first. A red, a green, a yellow: illuminating the darkness of early evening. Balloons! Being held by a girl no older than my own daughters… Sitting in the back of a cab, heading back to my hotel after an exhilarating few hours in Old Delhi, I spotted this Balloon Girl whilst …

The power of community

I want to tell you a story about Daniel, a five-year-old boy from Paraguay whose family has been transformed by support from their local church and our partner network, Red Viva Paraguay.

Learn and play #ChildrenInTheCentre

Children take centre stage in the work of Viva and our partner networks who ensure that they are well cared for and able to thrive. This approach does not just benefit the child; it benefits the whole family.    

Children should be seen and heard

How Viva is training children in Uganda and Zimbabwe to be change-makers.