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Cascading Care

At the end of each year, students all over Uganda prepare to sit their exams as they look forward to their next stage of education. This is a time of mixed feelings as the majority of students are anxious about their exams and what the future holds.

Maya is top of the class!

Poverty is so often the stumbling block in children realising their potential in life. But it doesn’t have to be this way. An education programme run by our partner network in Nepal is giving new hope to children who are bright, able and willing to learn, but for whom life is hard.

The power of community

I want to tell you a story about Daniel, a five-year-old boy from Paraguay whose family has been transformed by support from their local church and our partner network, Red Viva Paraguay.

Learn and play #ChildrenInTheCentre

Children take centre stage in the work of Viva and our partner networks who ensure that they are well cared for and able to thrive. This approach does not just benefit the child; it benefits the whole family.