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Time to redefine priorities

BY CARMEN ALVAREZ Central America faces two pandemics: COVID-19 and hunger. We cannot speak about the impact of the pandemic on the economy without mentioning the structural problems that people face. Several issues include high levels of unemployment, increased violence towards children and women, and limited access to health, education and protection services due to …

Dotting I’s and crossing T’s

BY LIZ CROSS Imagine walking eight hours to register your child’s birth. You arrive at the government centre and it’s crowded with people. They are all waiting to do the same as you – there’s only one registration centre to serve 200,000 people. The queue is long. You hear stories of how the internet connection …

Viva at UN launch to end violence against children worldwide

Viva’s Chief Executive Mark Stavers attended the launch of the ‘Global Partnership and Fund to End Violence Against Children’ at the United Nations yesterday (Tuesday 12 July).