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Absent fathers: the pain of separation

One morning I got into a taxi: I was in a hurry as usual! After an exchange of greetings and asking me where I wanted to go, the taxi driver, who had given my lifts on a number of previous occasions asked: “Forgive my curiosity, but aren’t you a professor?”

Viva at UN launch to end violence against children worldwide

Viva’s Chief Executive Mark Stavers attended the launch of the ‘Global Partnership and Fund to End Violence Against Children’ at the United Nations yesterday (Tuesday 12 July).

Mobile libraries and missing shoes

Reflecting on his recent visit to Uganda, Viva’s Monitoring and Evaluation Manager Martin Hull writes about some of the people he met, stories he heard and sights he saw – and the impact our partner network CRANE is making for vulnerable children. Here are some snippets of what he wrote.

Children at risk of hunger and violence as Venezuela crisis grows

Viva’s partner network in Venezuela is asking for prayer as the country faces a mounting humanitarian crisis caused by widespread energy shortages and lack of basic goods.

The extraordinary everyday in Lebanon

Viva’s Kezia M’Clelland writes from Lebanon about noticing the beauty in hard places and recognising the quiet, steady ways in which refugee children’s lives are being changed – often unnoticed.

Restoring hope in Bolivia

Carmen Alvarez, Viva’s Director for Latin America, explains how partner networks in Bolivia are bringing about a better life for abused children and their families – like that of a girl called Brenda.