Games, gifts and the gospel… Christmas Parties 2020


The opportunity to break through the darkness surrounding children with fun, gifts and sharing the love of Jesus has never been more important.

The pandemic of 2020 has been a global emergency that has affected children everywhere.

The work of Viva’s partner networks to come alongside these children – to support them and teach them their true value – is what drives our annual Christmas Parties programme.

Every party encourages and revitalises children who need it the most. This year’s parties are taking place throughout December and they will be filled with games, songs, crafts, puppet shows and the good news of the gospel.

They all centre around the Christmas story, with the networks finding creative ways to present this. Children attending the parties also often share food together and receive gifts to represent God’s love.

“Two new members who attended the party were astonished at the power networking had in meeting the needs of children.” (Zimbabwe)

“The children were surprised that God is so aware of their needs. They experienced a God who cares for the most vulnerable.” (Venezuela)

“Receiving the gift boxes helped the children to understand they are the beautiful gifts from God and He loves them very much.” (Nepal)

This year’s events will look different to previous Christmas Parties due to safety regulations to prevent the spread of Covid-19. We will see some events taking place online and many limiting the size of groups who are meeting in person.

Even with these changes, the events will still bring fun and hope into children’s lives this Christmas.

The themes of this year’s parties include ‘Children feel safe, loved and supported in times of the pandemic’ and ‘Children understand about the love of Jesus and how to keep themselves safe from abuse’.

The parties all aim to celebrate children and who God has created them to be, whilst teaching them how to stay safe.

This year we are expecting to reach nearly 8,000 children through just almost 250 events in 13 countries.

Nineteen partner networks will be running these parties and we are expecting approximately 280 churches and organisations to be involved.

By doing these parties, churches work together to reach the children in their communities, and so the networks are also strengthened as a result. This helps create child-centred communities which are better equipped to care for vulnerable children.

We are excited to see children benefit from these Christmas parties and we are expectant to see God’s work in these events.

Please do pray for the upcoming Christmas Parties. Pray for:

  • The children and parents who are taking part; that they would really enjoy the events and experience God’s love.
  • Safety for everyone involved, especially regarding Covid-19.
  • Successful preparations and excitement in the run-up to the parties for the teams who are organising the events.

Find out more about Viva Christmas Parties, and how you and your church can fundraise for them by clicking here or emailing