Cambodia’s Local Hero

I want to herald all of our Network Country Specialists in Asia. Obviously the past few months have been very difficult: a lack of funding, Covid-19 causing all sorts of unforeseen challenges, food shortages for the at-risk children we serve, parents who are out of work, the risk of family abuse rocketing and the other psychological impacts of lockdown which we are still finding ways to combat. 

Each of the countries in Asia, Myanmar, Nepal, India, Philippines and Cambodia have worked tirelessly during this time, adapting programmes, finding their own funding to provide food, advice and physical help to those who are in need. Viva stands on the relationships it has with each of the networks, so our passion has been to help and enable each network to reach out effectively, helping children be safer and raising awareness that the church’s response to need is to help all whenever possible. 

If I could, this article would highlight each and every one of our networks, but I’d be typing until the sun went down, so I’ve chosen to highlight one sacrificial man. A man known as XQuib. XQuib is our country lead in Cambodia, he is responsible for working and coordinating the partner network’s response to at-risk children in Siem Reap.  First and foremost, he is a fantastic father to two beautiful girls and a wonderful husband to his wife.  It goes without saying, that when a man has children who are girls the level of protectionism in him goes up. XQuib knows immediately that his calling is to protect those most vulnerable. Those with the least.  When he is out on a visit to children, they call him Papa, because his love for these children is so keenly felt in the way he softly cares for the least in society. 

XQuib and his family

During the time of Covid-19, XQuib was battling his own struggles, his funding had been cut and he was trying to provide for his family, while still providing for the network. Even though he had nothing himself, his desire was to help others. He organised posters, worked with local governments, coordinated the churches in Siem Reap to help provide food for the most needy, children who are orphaned, ultra poor families who have lost everything with the economic downturn. He went visited friends and businesses asking them to donate goods, all sacrificially giving of himself in a challenging time.

XQuib is a hero of mine, tirelessly realising his calling isn’t limited by funding, but by his attitude.  He gave so well to ensure people most at need could receive.  Our challenge now is how do we match this sacrificial lifestyle to support those most vulnerable?

We all know that the current crisis has only just begun.  If you read anything about food shortages and supply chains breaking down you may also have read that the UN predicts 265 million people will be classified as having food insecurity in approximately 6 months time. So the time to match XQuib’s sacrificial generosity is now.  Think about ways you can support those who are more needy right now, our children around the world really need your support. John the Baptist, who heralded the coming of Jesus said: If a man has two tunics and sees someone who has none, then he should give the spare tunic away, and anyone who has food should do the same Luke 3:11. At at time when the church has the joy of responding to the needs of the world, can we do the same? Give generously? If you want to support the work we do around the world, please give generously.  Your giving is bringing the  worldwide Church together to tackle some of the very real problems our at risk children are facing. 

Thank you, Matt

Your support helps Viva to change more children’s lives, more effectively; our work equips, empowers, and sustains local Christians and Churches to provide an effective, long-term response to the needs of children in their communities.