Flood relief for Patna families

More than 750 vulnerable families in Patna, India, hardest hit by extensive flooding following the heaviest monsoon floods in 25 years, are receiving emergency relief from Viva’s partner network in the city.

Essential food, shelter, mosquito nets and medical care will help 758 families, comprising 3,500 children, women and men. Our local network of churches and grassroots NGOs are working together to distribute these supplies to families.

Children are at great risk in emergency situations like this. This was highlighted through the distressing news of a two-year-old child who tried to reach his neighbour’s home for clean drinking water, but drowned and died. And whilst visiting communities in most need, Devesh Lal, our Network Consultant in Patna, met with a family mourning their six-year-old boy who also lost his life in the floods (right).


There are two slum communities in Patna being reached by our floods relief programme. Bin Toli is a settlement of mostly migrant labourers living in temporary shelters on the bank of River Ganges, and Sampatchuk is a village inhabited by low-caste groups.

There will be two further phases following the emergency relief in the next three months. When the water recedes, 155 village households will receive bamboos and tarpaulin to help them reconstruct their huts. Then, three medical camps will provide free check-ups and medicine to those who fall unwell to diseases, in partnership with mission hospitals in the city.

Nearly 60 per cent of Patna’s population lives in numerous recognised and unrecognised slums and settlements. Most of households lack basic facilities like drinking water and toilets. The floods have exacerbated the number of water-borne diseases, and 600 cases of dengue fever have been reported; a number that is set to rapidly increase in the weeks ahead.

Although some communities in Patna received help after the flooding, people living in slums and villages continue to wait – which is why Viva’s response is so necessary.

This flood relief in Patna is made possible through a significant grant from our partners, Kinderhilfswerk Global-Care, and generous gifts from Viva supporters.

Viva’s partner network in Patna, comprising 58 grassroots churches and organisations, is protecting children, empowering families, training childcare workers and mentoring girls. Last year it impacted 50,000 children.

Click here to find out about Viva’s global work in protecting children in emergency situations.


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