Keeping your children safe

When parents look for a school or extracurricular classes for their children, it is natural for the focus to be on the academic performance, or the professional qualification of the teachers, tutors, and coaches. After all, they are there to educate our children and enhance their performance.

We seldom, however, have concerns over whether the organisation has child safeguarding measures in place.

Child safeguarding should be as important as knowledge and skills. Without a safe environment and adequate protection measures in place, children are not able to develop to their full potential.

Nowadays, children spend long hours after school attending tutorial classes averaging almost 5 hours a week. In addition, many attend extracurricular sports or music classes. It is crucial to know that children are well protected in these places.

Viva Hong Kong is working with a variety of organisations such as schools, churches, sports clubs, and private clubs to create and reinforce child safeguarding policies. Since 2017, we have trained 15 organisations who, between them, reach and impact the lives of tens of thousands of children in the city.

We would love you to join us in safeguarding the children of Hong Kong.

Contact Kanice Ho, Child Protection Advisor at for more details about the training programme we provide.