A fresh way of thinking

Last year, Viva India ran child protection training in 119 schools, reaching around 850 adults and almost 11,000 children in six cities. The programme, which ensures schools fully comply with the Indian government’s child protection guidelines, has gained Viva a reputation for delivering high quality training. Two teachers at schools in Patna, in Bihar state, eastern India, describe the difference it made for them not only at work but in their community too.

“In my long teaching career, this is first time, I have attended child protection training which was conducted by Viva in our school. After receiving the information, I could feel an amazing change in my heart and thoughts towards the children, not only as a teacher but as a mother and a citizen too.

After the training, I started advocacy on child rights and protection with children and adults, not only in my school but wherever I go, like my family and community. There are three areas that I always focus on sharing with adults: respect your child as they are, feel the child’s emotions and spend time with your child.

I am motivating children to break the silence against the abuse and will continue my work to protect children whatever I can do. Thank you Viva for giving me a vision and mission for life!”

Aarti Kumari, teacher at St Paul’s School, Patna


“The teachers at our school now understand laws and procedures that had not previously been explained to them. They feel empowered to make better decisions in the future that would benefit the students under their care. The support staff too have been made aware of many ways to improve their interaction with not only the students but also parents, teachers and their own children and families.

A caring and supportive staff is the backbone of the school, and my hope is that our teachers and staff will continue to work together to create a safe, happy and positive environment for our children.

Viva has not only shown their commitment by aiding us with training, but also the dedication and determination required to spread the message of treating every human being with respect in our school.”

Sharon Galstaun, assistant head of St Karen’s Primary School, Patna


This article first appeared in Life magazine, issue 11