Fundraising with Blooms, Bikes, Boutiques and Bakes!


Fundraising can seem like a daunting challenge. People envision enormous events that are timetabled to the very last second.

In reality, fundraising can be near effortless. You can raise money for Viva with just a few clicks on the computer when online shopping (see Amazon Smile or Give as you Live), half an hour in the kitchen or even while you are clearing out your wardrobe!

Working fundraising into your daily routine is simple. Below we’ve pulled together some of the fundraising activities that Viva supporters like you have been getting up to, as well as some extra ideas on how to make fundraising interesting, quick, easy and fun.

Get Green

One Viva supporter has started a gardening business and donates the profits to us, raising over £850 already this summer. Her customers say, “You can tell she finds working for Viva in this way more motivating than working for herself!”

If you love being in the garden, this could be an enjoyable way of fundraising. You could simply offer to help friends, family or anyone else who would like jobs done in their garden and ask for donations to Viva.

If you prefer to work in your own garden, you could sell home-grown fruit or veggies after church or to friends. An even easier, but similarly eco-friendly way, to fundraise is to give up plastic bags and invest in reusable ones. Every time you go to the shop, each 5p you would have spent on a plastic bag, set aside and start saving them up.

Get Active

One of the most widely known forms of fundraising is asking friends and family to sponsor you during all sorts of sporting and trekking endeavors. Whether you prefer to hike, run, cycle or swim – the challenge could be as adventurous or as easy as you like!

From cycling across trafficking routes in Asia to trekking up to Mount Everest Base Camp, like one Viva supporting couple did, fundraisers are travelling the globe to raise money. Having raised over £1,000 on the Everest trip, the couple said, “We would definitely do it again!”

Next February, a group of Viva supporters are cycling from Delhi, India to Kathmandu, Nepal, along the route infamous for the trafficking of young girls, to raise funds for Viva’s anti-trafficking work. If you’re interested in joining the challenge, there is still space! Do get in touch if you’d like any more information.

On the other hand, if you prefer something closer to home, 5k runs are possibly an easier option. One young supporter roped his family into doing a local 5k with him and together they raised almost £500.

Even if exercise isn’t your cup of tea, you can still join in on the sporting action by holding a sports sweepstake among your friends or colleagues. The collection can then be split between the winner and Viva.

Get Swapping

Recently, the Viva office held a clothes swap and raised £55 for just an hour of swapping. To hold an event like this, all you need to do is inform friends, find somewhere to host it, sort out your wardrobes and, most importantly, get some snacks! As easy as that, you’ve got your very own fashion boutique offering you a new to you wardrobe, and funds for Viva.

If you missed this event, come along to our next one on Tuesday 25th September, 5pm onwards!

If clothes aren’t your thing, perhaps use games instead, or if you can’t part with your games permanently you could even set up a board game library. Loan out the games and charge rent on them like the good old days of Blockbuster! This could be an incredibly easy way to fundraise if you are an avid collector of board games.

Get Cooking

Cake sales or ‘Bake Off’ challenges are another traditional method of fundraising and can be simply organised by a quick notice at church and letting friends and family know.

Additionally, you could host a coffee morning or, during hot weather, an ice cream parlour! Just find a place to host it and some volunteers to help bake cakes – or bring ice cream – and you’re good to go.

You could also make and sell homemade jams and chutneys – perfect for the end of the summer season. There are many recipes online, so why not have fun experimenting!


Fundraising doesn’t have to be difficult or time-consuming. All it takes it finding something you already love doing and then choosing to use it to support Viva.

One Viva supporter donates ten per cent of a holiday home income to us. Raising money is simple if you find something that suits you. An easy way to collect funds for your fundraising project is by setting up a Virgin Money Giving page, where you can always see your total funds raised and others can see how well you are doing!

The little things do make a huge difference because even the smallest amounts of money can change children’s lives.