Confessions of a fundraiser


“My family have a reputation for their crazy parties.”

Those were my confident words a year ago when I made a New Year’s resolution to fundraise for Viva’s work with vulnerable children.

The idea spiralled from there – I recruited my colleague Paul to fundraise too and together we asked Viva’s supporters to join us by making their own fundraising resolutions as part of #myvivagoal2017.

In June, Paul survived the Blenheim Triathlon, raising an incredible £2,000 and I started thinking about organising a summer party. However, before I knew it, it was (somehow?!) the end of November and my fundraising efforts hadn’t yet materialised…

With just one month left in 2017 to complete my goal, and Christmas busyness just around the corner, things were not looking good.

What was even worse was that all year (and at every possible opportunity) I had encouraged my colleagues to turn their lives into fundraisers – Andrew had celebrated his 40th, Tony (right) competed in the British Indoor Rowing Championship and Cian started training for a 10K, all for Viva’s work with children.

And here I was, as a fundraiser, failing to organise even ONE fundraiser!

Thankfully, two of my friends came to the rescue and were persuaded (pretty easily) to host a Viva Christmas Party on my behalf! Two weeks later, there was a houseful of people and a potful of donations – we raised £185!

I have to confess (and pretty guiltily), that I probably can’t claim this one as my own fundraiser (although I totally am!). I did very little to make it happen, apart from my brilliant persuasion skills and making my Grandma’s renowned Ginger Crunch.

However, the tables have already turned. Next year, a friend is running a half marathon for Viva and I have been coerced in to running something too. I have never run before or done any sport for that matter…

What’s worse is that the Viva team have caught on and are already upping the stakes (like I would to them). First it was a 5K… then a half marathon… a triathlon… an ironman… and now marathons in each of the locations of our 38 partner networks…

I’m not sure which of those I’ll manage – I guess watch this space. (But be patient!)

Will you join me and fundraise for Viva in 2018? Do get in touch for some ideas or if you need persuading! (I’m very good at that).



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