Turkey sandwiches, balloon antlers and fairy lights: Christmas comes early in Grove

starIt was a beautiful sunny afternoon in July, so why could the strains of ‘Jingle Bells’ be heard drifting across the field?

Even more bizarrely, why were people lounging around on picnic blankets and humming along to ‘Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer’ whilst eating turkey and cranberry sandwiches and mince pies?



Good questions but even better answers…


Last month, Grove Free Evangelical Church and Wantage Silver Band partnered together to host a Viva Christmas Party.

The event may have looked like a summer fete but all the fun, games and food had a festive flavour!

Teams of family and friends raced against the clock to dress one member up as a Christmas Tree and another as Rudolph sporting a pair of antlers created from balloons stuffed into tights.

People could guess the weight of a Christmas cake, knock a snowman off his perch, buy popcorn from a cart, be served hot and cold drinks from a hatch wreathed in fairy lights or take a selfie with a ten-foot-high Shrek!

The event was rounded off by a quiz and a short talk on the work of Viva, in particular our Christmas Parties initiative.

Red nose

Fiona Massie from the church said, “It was great fun and a fitting way to raise enough money to enable over 100 children, living somewhere else in the world, to attend their very own Christmas party later in the year.”

“Thank you Viva for caring; it’s a pleasure to support such a worthwhile initiative.”




Could you host a Christmas party to bring hope and joy to children this Christmas? (A massive Shrek in a Santa hat is not essential…)

Click here to download our fundraising pack or get in touch with Liz on 01865 811660 or email l.cross@viva.org