Unlocking the potential of girls Indian girls experience extreme prejudice. Studies show that girls under the age of five are 50% more likely to die than boys. Their education is seen as a low priority, and violence and harassment are commonplace. This was the backdrop to 15-year-old Raahi’s life. And then, in a single year, […]


We won’t stop until trafficking is history In Nepal, children are sometimes treated as a commodity. Some parents are taken in by traffickers’ promises. Others know the ugly truth, but agree to it because they know the money will feed the family. Fifteen-year-old Leli travelled to the city in the hope of escaping poverty at […]


Making child protection a priority when disaster strikes Today’s world is volatile, with disasters linked to conflict and climate change happening all too often.  Each time, children are amongst the most vulnerable. When Typhoon Haiyan hit her village in the Philippines, Joyice’s father moved her up on to the roof to escape the huge waves […]


The transforming power of education What single thing can you do to reduce infant mortality, combat poverty and prevent disease? Educate girls. Research shows that investing in girls’ education is crucial. But in Uganda, fewer than one in five girls makes it to secondary school, forced to drop out early because of poverty, discrimination or […]


Keeping children safe from violence Murder rates in Central America are the highest in the world. Violence has become normal, and this tragically even extends to children in their own homes. Helena is 11, the oldest of three children whose daily lives have been defined by violence, volatility and sexual abuse at the hands of […]