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Focus areas:

Child Protection & Safeguarding Training & Advisory

Viva has a proven track record of providing child protection training and programmes. One way of supporting organisations to achieve child protection standards is through Viva’s Quality Improvement System. In Hong Kong, Viva provides targeted Safeguarding and Child Protection training and advisory to various institutions including schools, sports associations, churches, and organisations serving children and other groups that have children in their care. Through this support, organizations can achieve internationally recognised protocols and standards of child safeguarding and protection, and have adequate support in dealing with child protection issues.

The Safeguarding & Child Protection Training & Advisory includes:

  • Safeguarding & Child Protection – Abuse Prevention training and mitigation measures
  • Safeguarding & Child Protection – Advocacy about proactive Safeguarding– Presentations, talks etc.
  • Organisational Safeguarding & Child Protection assessments & recommendations
  • Safeguarding & Child Protection Policy formation, communication and implementation assistance

The positive feedback we have received for safeguarding policy and training by some of the leading sports institutions, schools and churches in Hong Kong affirms the quality of our services. We aim to continue to serve our partners and grow our safeguarding support to more organizations, including the grassroots communities in Hong Kong.

Community Training Platform

Viva’s ethos is collaboration, in service of vulnerable communities. In Hong Kong, Viva brings together practitioners from different fields, including grassroots organizations, to foster knowledge-sharing and equip them for their work with children and families.


Viva’s work is data-driven and evidence-based. We monitor safeguarding risks and changing/emerging trends, to ensure our programmes are targeted and effective. View here our latest publication on the current wellbeing and safety situation of children in Hong Kong.

Learning Spaces: Supporting children to continue their education

Learning Spaces is an education and psychosocial support programme for children, enabling them to catch up and continue in their education. It was developed out of Viva’s long-standing experience of supporting marginalised communities in crisis and designed in response to grassroots partners’ concerns about the harmful impact of school closures on children’s safety, education, and psychosocial development. Learning Spaces are implemented in partnership with our partner networks in Asia.

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