Our finances (HK)

Income and expenditure 2019/20

Viva Annual Review 2019

The Viva Annual Review 2019 highlights our ‘multiplier effect’, which brings about bigger, better, longer-lasting and louder work for vulnerable children around the world. There are also statistics about our impact and financial headlines.

You can view our Annual Review 2019 by clicking here.

Alternatively you can download it, as well as a version of the annual report and full audited accounts, by clicking the links below, where you will also find previous years’ documents.

Viva Hong Kong audited accounts 2019-20
Annual Review 2019 (HK edition)
Annual Review 2018 (HK edition)
Viva Annual Review 2016
Viva HK Financial Statements 2015
Viva Annual Review 2015
Viva HK Financial Statements 2013-14
Viva Annual Report 2014
Viva HK Financial Statements 2012-13
Viva Annual Report 2013
Viva HK Financial Statements 2011-2012

Viva’s bank details are:
HSBC Hong Kong, 1 Queen’s Road Central, Hong Kong
Account name: Viva Network (Hong Kong) Limited
Account number: 848-139408-838
Bank code: 004

Viva is committed to transparency with and accountability to all the people, projects, supporters and stakeholders with whom we work. If you require any further information please contact info@viva.org