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Mark StaversMark Stavers – Chief Executive
Now leading his third charity, Mark has experience in business turnaround and charitable growth.

Carmen Alvarez – Viva Latin America & the Caribbean Director (Network Consultant)
Carmen is a qualified medical doctor, previously working for UNICEF and World Vision.

Anna Barker – International Director
Anna previously fundraised for Viva, has a degree in International Relations and volunteered with refugees on the Thai-Burma border.

Eleanor Cameron – Finance Director
Eleanor was previously our Finance Manager, and has worked as an accountant in various roles including five years living in Australia.

JustineMatt Coulson – Viva Asia Director (Network Consultant)
Matt worked as both Youth Pastor and Missions Pastor at The Vine, an international Church in Hong Kong.

Andrew Dubock – Fundraising & Communications Director
Andrew has worked in charity communications for more than 20 years, and was Editor at BMS World Mission before joining Viva.

Mim Friday – Viva Africa Director (Network Consultant)
Mim trained as a teacher and worked for seven years as a field officer for Careforce before Viva.

Gary Kamaal – Viva India Director (Network Consultant)
Gary has been responsible for promoting the Asha Health and Development Society in India.

Katy ThompsonKaty Thompson – Head of People
Katy helped launch Viva in 1996, and previously catalysed and supported Latin America networks.


Joel Porras – Viva Latin America & the Caribbean
Joel has extensive experience working in social services for children at risk programmes.

Paul Kabunga – Viva Africa
Paul has 20 years’ experience in strategy development for an HIV/Aids organisation.


Michael Sloane chairs the Viva NA Board and is based in Kentucky. He currently serves as Managing Director for Bluefire Capital, a family holding company focused on investments in emerging restaurant brands.

Jenny Evans is the treasurer for Viva North America. She has a background in bookkeeping and financial management, and is now retired.

Jonathan Booth is British but now lives on the West Coast. He has spent 30 years as a Charity Executive globally and is currently working on a social justice project, LegalShield.

Scott Hannah is based in Redmond, Washington. He is a Worldwide Category Manager for Microsoft and his work focuses on sales and marketing strategy for hardware products globally.

John Hightower is a Director of Partners and Process at ADDO Worldwide. He has a track-record of helping technology and leadership organizations scale services and products, specifically in the digital space.

Stuart Pascall is Viva’s international board chair. He is a church leader and has served on the board of several Christian agencies and on the council of the UK’s Evangelical Alliance.

Bill Reichardt is a retired businessman, having worked in the dry cleaning industry. He first connected with Viva through running a small family foundation. Bill currently lives in Chicago.

Steve Ujvarosy is President and CEO of Telchar Systems, an Information Technology consulting practice with Financial Institutions in emerging economies.


Adrian Cooper is Viva’s Board Chair. He is the CEO of Oxford Economics, one of the world’s leading providers of macroeconomic forecasting and economic analysis.

David Bright has had a career in both business with Unilever and in international development and is currently Director of Grants for the Open Society Foundations’ Economic Advancement Programme.

Minu Chowdhury-Westlake has worked in media, entertainment and Christian mission. She is a public relations specialist in the commercial and voluntary sectors.

Jonathan Cox is a chartered accountant, worked in corporate finance before holding director roles with World Vision, and is currently Finance Director for a national medical research charity.

Rob Lilwall chairs the Viva HK Board. Rob and his wife founded and ran Viva’s Hong Kong office until 2014. He is now an adventurer, author and motivational speaker, with two National Geographic TV series about his expeditions.

Julie Muyenje provides strategic and technical HR support to people and business processes. She has previously worked at International Rescue Committee, SOS and UNDP, and now works with Open Society Foundations with responsibility for global teams.

Philip Niem is Chief Investment Officer at Axiom Investment Ltd in Hong Kong. He has previously worked at Barclays Wealth, AXA Investment Managers, HSBC Securities and Hoare Govett Asia. Philip serves on the Board of Viva Hong Kong.

Stuart Pascall is a church leader, has served on the board of several Christian agencies and on the council of the Evangelical Alliance, and taught at Moorlands College.

Teresa Phiri is a Research Associate at Perrett Laver, a leading executive search firm. Originally from Malawi, Teresa has experience of co-developing strategies to deliver high impact solutions for multinationals, startups and NGOs.

Tim Pottle is an experienced, multi-channel fundraiser in the not-for-profit and education sectors. He was Viva’s Head of Development for five years and is currently the Associate Director for Partnerships at the Skoll Centre for Social Entrepreneurship.

Michael Sloane chairs the Viva NA Board and is based in Kentucky. He currently serves as Managing Director for Bluefire Capital, a family holding company focused on investments in emerging restaurant brands.

James Tavener works as a Chartered Accountant at Critchleys, an accountancy practice in Oxford. In this role, he currently supports academy trusts, but previously worked with charities.


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