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Churches and Organisations are members of this partner network


People work for the member organisations of this partner network


Children are reached by this network and its member organisations

Latest highlight

Samaritan’s Purse Operation Christmas Child gift box reaching 12,678 children!

Our team


Red Viva Argentina is based in:

Buenos Aires, Chaco and Corrientes

Each of Viva’s partner networks covers a particular area so it can focus its efforts on achieving the most change for children in that area.

Red Viva Argentina is led by:

Adriana Mostajo
de Jure

Each of Viva’s partner networks has a local board of knowledgable, committed and connected people and is led by a local network co-ordinator employed by that board.

Viva’s main point of contact is:

Isaac Saldivar

Each of Viva’s partner networks is supported by our global team. This includes one of our network consultants who is skilled and experienced at helping partner networks grow to their full potential.

The network’s focus is

Cities where children are free from violence

The Network’s Current Activities

Viva works with Red Viva Argentina to focus their efforts on achievable actions that work towards their overall goal



All churches and organisations in the network having child protection and financial policies



Network development, Child Protection, Child Friendly Church and ‘Why Families Matter’ programmes


Disability Focus

Disability days focused on Deafness and Downs Syndrome and Parenting without violence project


Reaching Out

World Weekend of Prayer and Samaritan’s Purse Operation Christmas Child (OCC) gift boxes