This Mother’s Day, give the gift of dignity to mothers all over the world.


Mothers always want to give their children the best. They’ll do anything for them, and when they can’t, when someone else does it for them, it can break their spirit.

When Karina, a young girl from Costa Rica, walked out of a Comprehensive Learning and Training Center (locally known as a CAFI) with a new doll under her arm, the pride in her mother’s eyes showed that this wasn’t a handout.

Over time, handouts can create unhealthy dependencies as well as undermine self-esteem. The CAFIs give the people in their communities a chance to earn credits which can be used in the CAFI shop to purchase items of their own choosing.

Karina’s mother had attended parenting and other training sessions at the CAFI, and chose to spend her credits on her daughter – putting a doll in her arms and a smile on both their faces.

CAFIs are just one way that Viva’s partner networks are empowering mothers all over the world. This Mother’s Day, you can make a donation to Viva in honor or memory of yours.

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