Help children thrive in families this Christmas

Every child should have the opportunity to grow up in a loving, safe family.

Will you give today to our Christmas Match Appeal 2022 to help make that possible for more children?

It’s a match appeal, meaning that every pound or dollar you give will be doubled by another generous friend of Viva to have twice the impact.


Right: Kimberly with her birth mum and foster mum

Watch Kimberly’s story

Today, Kimberly from Guatemala is surrounded by people who care deeply for her. But it hasn’t always been this way…

Sit back and watch Kimberly’s heart-warming story of how a Viva supported foster family gave her love and security … and so much more…


  • can buy nutritious formula milk for a new foster family to last them for one month


  • can train two church communities about foster care and how to get involved


  • can provide mentoring support for a family for a year, helping to keep families together

Love changes lives

Our very first foster child arrived when he was 11 months but he didn’t move at all. The doctors were concerned for him. He had stopped crying, he stopped asking for milk, he had stopped fighting in life.

Five days after he arrived here with us, he started to cry, and we celebrated that, because he was asking for something he wants. And the first time he had a tantrum, three months later, we were so happy and we celebrated this tantrum! We had a party, because he was reacting to life.

He was walking around and playing and laughing and he had changed a lot. The doctor and the psychologist couldn’t believe it.

And that’s what love can do. It changes lives.

The best thing about being a foster carer is the satisfaction of seeing children moving forward. We are really sure that God loves children. 

And we know they need to be safe and protected, and we just want to give them an opportunity.

Story from foster parents in Guatemala

Help children thrive in families