WWP 2017

Prayer makes a difference. God loves it when children pray.

“Yes,” replied Jesus, “have you never read, “‘From the lips of children and infants you, Lord, have called forth your praise’?” Matthew 21:16

There are so many issues that children and teenagers should not have to confront, especially in cities of developing countries where Viva is at work: problems that deny the opportunity of a secure and loving family life that God intended.

In this, the 21st anniversary year of the World Weekend of Prayer, let’s mobilise a million children to pray and listen to God: that lasting change may result.

Resources for WWP 2017

  • A guide to this year’s event, with translations in 19 languages.
  • Study and discussion outline in English and in Spanish
  • Children’s activity ideas in English and in Spanish
  • webinar training programme to train church leaders how to teach children to pray to and listen to God. Watch the three sessions below.
  • An illustrated children’s prayer book with pictures produced by children showing the story of Hannah and pictures of issues facing children.
    – View it online by clicking here.
    – Printed copies now available 
    – order yours for free now by emailing comms@viva.org and including name and address details, and how many you would like (up to 10 in the UK; 5 ROW).
  • Reprise of the World Weekend of Prayer song, ‘Small but mighty’, from 2016: on guitar and on piano.
  • Feedback form 2017 and the online Survey Monkey form by clicking here


2017 Guide translations
















Slovak – guide

Slovak – activities






Webinar 1

Chrissie Wilkinson and Jane Mackie share their stories and experiences of children’s prayer, with the aim of inspiring leaders to connect children with the heart of God.


Webinar 2
Jane Mackie from Children’s Prayer Network Australia gives her insights into and experience of children’s prayer by talking through steps 1 and 2 from her book ‘Kids Pray’:
1. Get rid of the junk – repenting, especially in small groups
2. Relationship check with God and each other – reconciliation

Webinar 3
Jane Mackie and Chrissie Wilkinson talks through steps 3-8 from the book ‘Kids Pray’:
– Praise and worship
– Get rid of your own thoughts
– Receive the Holy Spirit
– Get lost, devil
– Wait and listen
– Obey

This campaign is a global initiative held over the first weekend of June every year, uniting hundreds of thousands of adults and children across more than 40 countries.