Education and Family Centres in Costa Rica

Carmen Alvarez, our Director for Latin America, says:

“Our six Education and Family Centres in Costa Rica are having a huge impact for children who are returning to school after two ‘lost years’ because of the Covid pandemic.

“Churches in our partner network are opening their buildings, and volunteers are helping children who don’t have the extra support and are lacking confidence. They not only help children with formal, catch-up education but also provide pastoral support, helping them to be more resilient.

“Teachers in schools told us that they are very happy with academic performance and that children are more confident.

“The most important part about these centres is that children are getting more of a holistic education. This includes time to laugh and play, because they couldn’t during the pandemic. We are grateful to God because we can see that the children are benefitting.”

Give thanks for the impact the network in Costa Rica is having in the lives of children who are at risk of falling into a negative life cycle of violence, drug abuse and poverty.

Pray that these centres would be a place of hope and restoration for children and families, and pray for the provision of more centres in Costa Rica and across Central America.