Supporting children affected by conflict in Ukraine

A statement from Mark Stavers, Viva CEO:

All of us at Viva are deeply concerned by the ongoing conflict in Ukraine and its devastating impact on children.

More than one million children have fled the conflict as refugees so far, while those who have stayed within Ukraine remain in grave danger of physical harm, emotional distress, and displacement.

We have been praying about the situation and also reaching out to other organisations to see how we can help. 

Viva does not have partner networks in Ukraine and Eastern Europe but we are profoundly encouraged to see the rapid and collaborative response of churches and Christian organisations within Ukraine, and in those neighbouring countries receiving refugees.

What we are doing:

We are in touch with agencies and groups who are responding directly on the ground.

We are providing our expertise on safeguarding and input on the specific needs of children. Click here to go to our page which contains links to key guidance and easy-to-use resources.

We will seek to provide support where Viva’s experience in equipping and supporting churches responding to the needs of children can be useful.

Please join with us in praying:

  • For children still within Ukraine and for those who have fled – for safety and protection, and that children would not become separated from parents or caregivers or become victims of exploitation and trafficking. 
  • For churches in Poland, Romania, Moldova, Hungary and Slovakia, who are playing a key part in responding to Ukrainian refugees – to be equipped, resourced and encouraged. 
  • That Viva will be able to offer expertise and support in the most useful way possible, to help others to work together to keep children safe.