Giving sacrificially

Matt Coulson, Viva’s Asia Director, introduces us to XQuib, a man with a big heart from Cambodia

Our partner network co-ordinators around the world are such an inspiration! These amazing people have gone above and beyond to support children and their families who are struggling as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

XQuib is our country lead in Cambodia, and responsible for working and co-ordinating the partner network’s response to at-risk children in Siem Reap.

First and foremost, he is a fantastic father to two beautiful girls and a wonderful husband to his wife.

XQuib’s calling is to protect those most vulnerable. Those with the least. When he is out on a visit to children being served by the network, they call him Papa.

During this time, XQuib has had his own struggles. His funding was cut and he has been trying to provide for his family, while still supporting the network. Even though he has had nothing himself, his desire is to help others.

He has organised posters to share accurate information about the virus. He worked with local government, and co-ordinated churches in Siem Reap to provide food for children who are orphaned or living with families who have lost everything with the economic downturn. He visited friends and businesses asking them to donate goods.

He and the churches he brings together have been able to give food parcels to 200 local families. Hope School, a network member, has joined with a church to provide relief packages to 50 families.

We know that the current crisis has only just begun. The UN predicts 265 million people will be classified as having food insecurity in six months’ time – so the time to match XQuib’s sacrificial generosity is now.

Could you support those in need? Children in Asia and around the world really need your support. Please give at